Augenbraun Lab at Williams College

Shining Light on Metal-Containing Molecules


We are a molecular spectroscopy research group at Williams College. Our main goal is to study the structure and dynamics of molecules that are useful for a range of applications, including quantum information science, catalysis/organometallic chemistry, and precision measurements of fundamental symmetries. We use a combination of experimental tools (lasers, molecular beams) and theoretical methods (computational quantum chemistry, simulations of coherent control) to understand these molecules.

Group Photo Gallery

Fall 2023 / Winter 2024

Kendall Rice, Nicole Albright, Prof. Augenbraun, Cooper Stuntz, Chak Kai Wong, Leena Zhu, Charlene Peng, and Phaedra Salerno

Summer 2023

Prof. Augenbraun, Cooper Stuntz, and Kendall Rice