December 2023

Stable laser alert!

Just before leaving to study abroad in Australia, Kendall Rice '25 got her laser-locking code up and running! Check out that automated detuning scan in action!

October 2023

Exciting day in lab: Nicole Albright '25 started to set up our new spectrometer and confirmed that white light can be dispersed into a rainbow! Seems like that Isaac Newton fellow was on to something... 

Also: Augenbraun Lab members continue to show up in the Williams Record, including Kendall Rice '25 leading the Williams College Soccer Club to victory over Amherst(!!), and Phaedra Salerno '27 advocating for vegan options for the day's most important meal (dessert). 

August 2023

Let there be light... Cooper Stuntz '24 helped boot up our lab's first continuous-wave dye laser!

We wrapped up summer research with a poster session in Schow. Cooper and Kendall did an awesome job presenting their work on lasers, vacuum systems, and computational modeling! 

Not shown is all the expertise they gained in dusting, organizing, and meteorology... I guess that breadth is just what makes working in a laser lab so fun!

July 2023

And we're in: we've placed our first dye laser on the optics table, signaling the start of work in the Augenbraun lab!

Very exciting to be starting this journey with research students Cooper Stuntz '24 and Kendall Rice '25! Cooper will also be working on a senior honors thesis in the lab during the coming academic year. 

June 2023

Check out this article about student volunteer firefighters, featuring the lab's very own Kendall Rice '25!