Ben Augenbraun

Ben is an Assistant Professor at Williams College since joining the Chemistry Department in 2023. He is a molecular spectroscopist, interested in using lasers to probe gas-phase molecules that are important to different areas of science: from transition metal catalysis to quantum information science and precision tests of fundamental symmetries. 

Ben received his B.A. in physics from Williams College in 2015, where he worked with Prof. Tiku Majumder on laser spectroscopy of indium atoms. He received his Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University in 2022. There, he worked with Prof. John M. Doyle to develop methods for laser cooling and trapping of molecules. It was during this work that he fell in love with molecular spectroscopy and its many applications in physical chemistry and molecular physics. Now back at Williams, Ben loves teaching both in the classroom and the laboratory; research mentoring is a critical part of his job as a teacher. He especially enjoys helping students as they make connections between their coursework and cutting edge scientific questions. 

Current Group Members

Cooper Stuntz '24

Honors thesis student

Kendall Rice '25

Nicole Albright '25

Charlene Peng '26

Aidan Ohl '26

Phaedra Salerno '27

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Lab Alumni

Leena Zhu '27

Winter 2024